Friday, March 05, 2010

Highlights from "Living Faith" on God as Trinity

The idea of God as Trinity is an image of God in relationship—within the tri-unity of God, with all humankind, and ultimately with all creation. Relationship implies giving and forgiving, it implies being personal, above all it implies becoming vulnerable. But love is also joyful and creative, and this is an aspect of God as love that The Shack vividly portrays. God is not some serene watchmaker who assembles the machine and then ignores it, but rather a creative lover who enjoys cooking, gardening, and tinkering in the wood shop, among many other things!

"The love of the triune God made known to us in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is plentiful beyond measure (Rom 5:20). It is given freely and extravagantly, utterly unmerited and unexpected. It is always greater than we can imagine or conceive. Like a gushing fountain, God’s love overflows toward us. (Jer 2:13; Jn 4:14). It freely pours forth in an inexhaustible stream, never diminished in the giving, never drying up. It is constant and trustworthy. It is more powerful than all the forces of sin and evil that deny and resist the gift and call of the love of God given to us in Jesus Christ and shared with us by the Holy Spirit. It cannot be quenched, even by death itself."

From "The Trinity: God's Love Overflowing" A Report to the 217th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) (2006)

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